Does Your Studio
Stand Out?

With growing competition in the market, it’s becoming harder for your studio to win customer attention and loyalty. Traina lets people discover their favourite instructors' classes at your studio, so you can acquire new clients from your instructors’ wider network, make more bookings and increase retention.

It Works Like This

You create a studio profile so your instructors can add your classes to their timetables.

By promoting your instructors, we're helping your studio stand out against competitors.

You attract new clients and make more bookings from your instructors' wider client network.

Your loyalty and retention increases and your clients as instructors build better relationships.

Why Get Involved?

Your instructors move

At every studio your instructors teach within, there are new client opportunities for you. Traina is the only platform that helps you benefit from this fragmented loyalty. 

No ongoing management

Your instructors manage their own timetables, so once you've completed the initial set up, your profile will take care of itself and there will be no extra work for you. 

Cost efficient marketing

It's free to have a Traina profile and we take care of marketing your studio, your instructors and your classes. We only charge 20% commission when bookings are made.

Improve your
client loyalty

Read our top tips for making sure your clients keep returning to your studio.