Marketing for
fitness professionals

As your personal marketing platform, Traina helps to build your brand, grow your fan base and create new job and business opportunities.

How we can help you

Whether you're launching an online course or need a logo, our marketing services are totally tailored to your needs

It all starts from your Traina profile, once set up, we help you create new business opportunities from there.

Your profile includes access to our booking tool, so you can manage attendance at your classes and events for free.

We help you increase your earnings by building an engaged community and turning loyal fans into paying customers. 

What you can expect

Personalised marketing support

Joining the community means you'll receive personalised marketing support, tailored to your career goals. Our intro calls are completely free, so schedule in 30 minutes for more info or some free advice now. 

New business opportunities

We work with fitness professionals to build brands, find new customers and nurture strong community engagement. Whatever stage you're at, we can help you with the tools you need to increase your revenue.

Your first two months free

A monthly subscription to Traina is £5, but to get a taster, your first two months are completely free. With no obligation to stay, download the membership info below to see how you can benefit from joining us.

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