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A little about me

I'm a yoga instructor, specialising in vinyasa flow, ashtanga vinyasa, restorative and hatha yoga. I’m also a registered nutritional therapist and women’s health, hormone and menstrual wellbeing coach. I work with women who want to get control of sugar cravings, mood swings and hormonal acne, bloating and headaches.

I’ve helped many women who want help with hormonal issues ranging from PMS, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, heavy, painful, missing & irregular periods, post-natal depletion, perimenopause and menopause.

I set up my practice Eat Love Move to help empower and educate women to understand their bodies, advocate for better healthcare and heal.

One of my speciality classes is Yoga For Hormone Balance and Menstrual Health, a dynamic 60 minute class designed to support your hormones, calm your mind and boost your energy levels.

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09:30 am
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Yoga For Hormone and Menstrual Health

Are you ready to try yoga with a bit of a twist? I've designed a dynamic vinyasa flow yoga class around supporting hormone and menstrual health!

Le'Nise Brothers
Studio: Yogis Studio

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