The Traina Project

What is Traina and what do we do? Here’s our Founder, Louise to tell you more...

“Let me start by asking you a question. What is your favourite exercise class, and what makes it so great? I’m willing to put good money that you’ve listed your instructor in the top 3 reasons.

If i’m honest, I’d never really considered the role an instructor plays in the enjoyment of a class until my Yoga teacher moved from London, and someone new took over. It was only then that i realised exactly how much she had influenced my experience.

In my mission to find another instructor I loved, I discovered many incredibly talented teachers, who through their classes were helping me manage stress, overwhelm and anxiety. But the information i wanted to find, like teaching schedules, was limited or didn’t exist online. Overshadowed by endless content from high profile fitness influencers, our great local instructors were lost in the noise.

I found it unfair that influencers dominated the fitness space, when it’s our local teachers helping us stay fit and healthy in our daily lives so I wanted to find a way to even the playing field.

And so we created Traina. A place where local instructors can promote themselves and for people who want to exercise to find information about their local teachers and classes.”

Start discovering your local instructors now.